Chief Mental Fitness Officer Program

Unlock Mental Fitness’ Power with AEA Institute, Your Partner in Elevating Employee Wellness


The Chief Mental Fitness Officer



Cultivate a Supportive Environment

  • Offer your team invaluable cultural enrichment by providing resources and support for those facing mental health challenges within their families, reinforcing your company’s commitment to their overall well-being.

Foster Continuous Employee Development

  • Launch a cutting-edge program dedicated to continuous improvement, designed to unlock the full potential of your most valuable assets - your employees.

Instill a Culture of Leadership Growth

  • Embed a culture of lifelong learning among your leaders with perpetual access to key leadership principles and mental fitness strategies, ensuring they lead by example and inspire their teams.

The Chief Mental Fitness Officer

Programs and Programming

Transforming Workplaces

  • Workshops - employee wide, live and recorded
  • Professional Bootcamps - individual specific, virtual
  • Personal Bootcamps - individual specific, virtual
  • 1:1 Mindset Training - executive and leadership on key topics
  • Resource Library - ongoing access to mental health resources
  • Therapist Access - access and introduction to world-class therapist via employee wide engagement

Mindset and Health

A Comparative Analysis of Positive Outlook and Physical Well-being

Mindset and Health

Mindset for the Masses instead of Mental Health for the Few