Is Your Teen Struggling with Mental Wellness?

The adolescent years can be a challenging time for both teens and their parents. The emotional and psychological rollercoaster that comes with adolescence can often leave both feeling lost and overwhelmed. There is hope and support available. At the AEA Institute, we understand the importance of mental wellness for teens and their families. That is why we are excited to offer our On-Demand Mental Health Workshop designed to equip parents with the tools they need to support their struggling teens.

Teens face a wide range of pressure from academic, peer issues, body image concerns, and often bullying. In many cases, these challenges can lead to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and even more severe mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It is essential for parents to be informed and equipped to help their teens navigate these turbulent times.

The AEA Institute recognizes this need as they provide solutions to help parents. Our On-Demand Mental Health Workshop with Beth Lohman, MHCA is a comprehensive program designed to provide parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their struggling teens. Beth, a licensed Mental Health Therapist has years of experience as she guides parents through the complexities of teen mental wellness.

In addition to the On-Demand Webinar the program includes an Online Self-Paced Course-Parent Workshop on Mental Health Tips for Your Teens. This self-paced course provides parents with a deeper understanding of various mental health challenges teens may face. Parents can learn at their own pace, making it convenient and accessible. The course covers essential topics, such as recognizing signs of mental health issues, communication strategies, and self-care for parents.

Our program is a three-pronged approach as we recognize that the teen also needs support. A 7-day Bootcamp designed for teens is crafted to help teens gain insights into their own mental wellness. Over the course of seven days, the teen will engage in activities and discussions that promote self-awareness, resilience, and emotional well-being. It is a safe a supportive environment for a teen to explore their emotions.

One of the great advantages of our On-Demand Mental Health Workshop is the flexibility it offers. As a parent, you can decide when and where to access this valuable support. We understand that a parent’s schedule is busy, so we have made it as easy as possible for everyone to get the help they need. Whether it is on a quiet evening at home or during a break at work, our resources are available whenever it is most convenient.

Parenting a struggling teen can be challenging, but you do not have to navigate these difficulties alone. The AEA Institute’s On-Demand-Mental Health Workshop is here to provide you with the tools and support you need to help your teen thrive.


Mental health support should be accessible to all parents who need it. That is why the AEA Institute has priced this comprehensive program at just $50. We believe in making high-quality mental health education and support available to as many families as possible. Register now and take the first step towards equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to provide the best support for your teen’s mental health journey. Don’t wait; take action today and make a positive impact on your teen’s mental health journey.

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