Support for grief and loss, the grieving process, and resources for mental health.

The AEA Institute is a national organization focused on active grieving, mental health and active support. Today, we offer support programs and materials that have been curated to meet the needs of those grieving and for mental health support.

The AEA Institute’s flagship service is our Grief Tribes for adults and adolescents bringing people together as an active community. Covid changed the approach of The AEA Institute from Grief Tribes that focused on community to individual support with the AEA Bootcamps and Resource Library that provide daily guidance that helps you be happier and more resilient focusing on Mourning to Mission.  

The AEA Institute partners with therapists to provide additional materials that are needed to help their clients with personal growth addressing mental health. 

The Founder of The AEA Institute went through his own grief journey in 2018 when he lost his 39 year old wife to cancer in 41 days (from diagnosis to death). He and his five children have set up foundations and programs to help others in grief.