Know more about our unique Grief Tribes and Battle Tribes communities.

The AEA Institute is a national organization focused on active grieving and active support. We offer our unique Grief Tribes and Battle Tribes communities in both an adult and adolescent service offering. We believe in the power of community, the power of tribes, and the power of best practices.

The AEA Institute flagship service is our Grief Tribes product broken into an adult version and an adolescent version. The AEA Institute offers the traditional resources of grief, such as books, webinars, podcasts, resources, etc, but our most important value is that we bring people together and create an active community at exactly the times that a grieving person needs it – when the noise becomes quiet.


These ‘Grief Tribes’ are a community of people from anywhere in the United States that are in the exact same place at the exact same time of their grief journey. Our Grief Tribe journey begins 30-60 days post the death of a loved one and usually members are active for 12 months.


The AEA Institute also has two service offerings focused on the cancer community, our ‘Battle Tribes’. These products help individuals (children and spouses) deal and navigate with the complexities of watching a loved one battle cancer. The Battle Tribes community offer resources specific to the feelings and needs of those trying to help their loved ones.

The Founder of The AEA Institute went through his own grief journey in 2018 when he lost his 39 year old wife to cancer in 41 days (from diagnosis to death). He and his five children have set up foundations and programs to help others in grief.